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C & T Marketing Group - We are experts at providing you with the correct survey participants you need for your research – all while saving you time and money. As research sample brokers, C & T relies on our relationships with leading panel/sample providers around the globe to deliver the results you require.

C & T has access to a total pool of more than 15 million consumers worldwide who are profiled on more than 500 different attributes.

Do you need college-educated moms with children age 0-12 months?
We have them. How about Ford Mustang buyers in California in the last five years? No problem. Housewives in Sweden who use organic laundry detergent? How about something that’s hard to find like Physicians? Yes, we also have access to a healthcare panel covering North America and Europe. Our sample is available worldwide.

C & T Saves You Time

Sample providers you contact may not have exactly what you need, so you will find yourself spending precious time contacting other providers to see if they can get the quantity or type of sample you need.
C & T removes this time drain and headache. We make it easy by contacting the leading sample providers for you; then we locate and match samples so you get EXACTLY what you want right away.

C & T Saves You Money

We purchase sample at considerable discounts due to our long-standing provider relationships and project volume. In the vast majority of cases, C & T will provide you sample for less than you will pay by going directly to the sample providers.




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