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Do the providers you contract with provide reliable panels?
In order to deliver the highest quality sample in the industry, we partner exclusively with vendors that are either ESOMAR compliant, TrueSample Certified, or both.

Do you just sell sample and go on to the next client, or are you truly dedicated to your clients?
Our clients are the reason we’re in business. Our primary goal is to get to know your business, projects, and future needs so we can build a long-lasting relationship. C & T wants to anticipate your needs so we can proactively provide you sample. We’ll also search for sample that currently may not be available from our providers. Our business model relies heavily on repeat business and referrals from you – our valuable clients.

What types of sample can you furnish?
C & T can provide consumer, B2B, and B2C sample, as well as specialty panels including physicians, IT decision-makers, and more. Our panel access spans the globe, so just let us know what sample you need and we will find it for you. As an added service, C & T provides a number of options when a quote is requested, and the sample type is factored into our pricing.

Most of my company’s projects require a one day project turnaround. How quickly can you pull sample together if all I have is a ready-to-go survey and a description of the target audience?
C & T will provide you with quote on your project within 24 hours after you contact us. Upon approval of the quote, C & T can send you a proposal to have your survey in the field within 24 hours. Your data begins being gathered within minutes of the sample launch, and you will receive final information within four business days. If you require results in less than four business days, the project can be expedited for an additional fee.

What about survey platforms? Can you work with Zoomerang and Survey Monkey?
You can build your survey in any platform that fits your needs as long as it allows data to be retrieved by us through a variable in the survey link. It also must allow redirection of the survey end pages to our custom end pages based on how the panelist responds (Success, Disqualify, Etc). Most survey platforms allow this. Our preferred platforms are Zoomerang Premium and Qualtrics.



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